The Press
"Elegant Furniture"

"It looks more like an elegant piece of furniture than something usually found on the cardio floor"


"The sleek wooden look makes it a worthy centerpiece of any room"


"Its show-stopping cherry wood frame makes it a timeless piece for any home gym – and room”

Why our rower?
Back of the Ergatta rowing machine including the edge of the rowing seat

Handcrafted from American cherrywood, our rower is designed to look more like furniture than fitness equipment.


The rower stores in the space of a barstool and can be easily wheeled around by one person. No expensive wall mount or drilling necessary.

Water Resistance

Feel like you’re on the water with each smooth, nearly-silent stroke. Go easy on the back with evenly-distributed, dynamically adjusting resistance.

Why water resistance?
Easy on the back

Resistance is evenly distributed throughout the stroke, putting less strain on your back and making your core and arms do more of the work.

Dynamic Resistance

Resistance adjusts based on your input. More effort meets more resistance, like paddling in the water. No complicated settings to maneuver.

Smooth, Natural Feeling

No mechanical sound or feel; no slippage or catching like some electromagnetic or air-based rowers.

Cherrywood Frame

Made from premium Appalachian hardwood with longevity, dimensional stability, and appealing aesthetics.

Handmade in USA

Each rower is handcrafted with care in Warren, Rhode Island.

Small Footprint

About 2’ x 2’ in storage and 7’ x 2’ in use, our rower is small, mobile, and fits into any home.


Sleeping baby in the next room? No problem. The quiet, water-based whooshing sound won’t wake your housemates up.

Decades of manufacturing experience

Our rowers are made in partnership with WaterRower,  the leader in water-based rowing machines for over 30 years. 

Digital & connected

A 17.3” high-def touchscreen will immerse you in our game-based workout experience.

Rower Specs

86“ x 23” x 40“ when activated, with a 23” X 22.5” storage footprint. The Ergatta weights 103lbs when the tank is filled with water.

Made for all body types

Supports up to 500 pounds and a 40” inseam (around 6’8” in height).


Pair your Bluetooth headphones or heart rate monitor. Sync to Strava or Apple Health to track and measure your progress, heart rate, and more.

Simple Maintenance
Fill Once & Done

The water tank is sealed; fill it once with no need to change. Just drop in our purification tablets twice a year - and we’ll remind you.

No adjustment necessary

Resistance scales up and down dynamically with your effort, no water level change needed.

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