Easy Assembly

Assemble the Ergatta rower yourself in 30-45 minutes, no tools or handyman skills necessary. Think IKEA, but easier. Only one person and an Allen key (which we provide) needed for assembly.

Customer Reviews

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Michael Neale
Great machine

I love my Ergatta for many reasons. One, it is esthetic to look at, whether on the floor or up against the wall. Two, the games are really fun and the programmed workouts gently build strength, stamina and speed. Although the effort is set too low for me initially, I am fine with this as it doesn't become unpleasant with too many aches and pains, which can be off-putting or interrupt one's exercise schedule. Three, the mechanism is smooth and realistic compared to rowing in water. Four, the integration of music and heart-rate monitoring is good. I do hope that Apple Watch monitoring will be added, because although I bought one of the Ergatta-recommended heart rate monitors (Scosche) it is essentially useless, never getting beyond about 40-50bpm no matter how hard I row (the Apple watch registers more sensibly around 150). FIve, the rowing scenes are interesting and easy on the eye. Six, you get upgrades over the air, such as new games and scenes - a bit like having a Tesla instead of a less computerized car.

I don't think it necessary to have a hot instructor spurring you on, Peleton-style, but I probably wouldn't object if it became a feature

Life changer

I love everything about this machine. The games are so fun and help pass the time and I love the open row and the stats. It is so encouraging and makes me want to expertise everyday. It has changed my life.

Still using it!

Got the ergatta a year ago and am still using it pretty regularly. Picked it over hydrow for the gamification. I like the gamification, the live racing, the milestones, and the general competitive nature of the platform. The games are surprisingly addicting. The machine build is good and it feels really smooth when you row. Definitely much quieter than the concept 2 I used at the gym

Paul Mellamphy

As advertised they keep you engaged. The programmes are great motivators

The Ergatta makes a difference

I’ve owned my rower for several years now and used to row frequently but then got tired of the boring workouts and started using it less and less. I decided to upgrade get the Ergatta and give it a try and I’m glad I did. The different Ergatta workouts keep me engaged especially the progression workouts and the races. I highly recommend this to anyone considering the rower with the Ergatta I doubt you’ll regret it.