Why upgrade your WaterRower?
Transform your rower

Convert your existing WaterRower into a connected fitness machine with the leading digital rowing experience at the intersection of fitness and gaming.

Man rowing in living room with wood flooring and wood ceiling beams
Row more often

Ergatta promises engagement, motivation and interaction, helping you get more use and value out of your WaterRower.

Seamless compatibility

Compatible with all S4 machines. No drills, no bluetooth issues, no hassle. Easily connects via USB and matches the elegant aesthetic of your WaterRower, down to the wood finish.

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What our members say
“Have used my water rower more in the past two weeks than the past 4 years!!”

- Jason

“Previously I'd used my rower about 8 times a month; now, it's just about every single day.”

- Werdna

“Did about 100k of rowing in the first 2 weeks (it’s super addictive). Love the variety.”

- Tim B.

Huge workout variety
Why Ergatta?
Thousands of options

Live and on-demand competition, personalized training, scenic rows and custom intervals – Ergatta keeps you engaged with new workouts and live events weekly, new programs and challenges monthly, and continuous software updates.

Fitness meets gaming

Go head-to-head with friends, hit a high score, and climb the Rankings in an expansive suite of single- and multi-player game-based workouts.

Workouts that adapt to you

Our patented calibration system ensures that every workout, interval and target is tailored to your current fitness level.

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What else you should know

Made in Rhode Island

Made by WaterRower in Warren, RI with the same wood and stain as your rower.

Community Competition

Join a thriving community of 75k+ members with a dose of healthy competition. Make rowing more interesting with rivals, rankings, live competitions and community forums.

Matches your wood color

Maintain the elegant WaterRower aesthetic by matching the wood type and finish of your existing machine. 8 options available.


Easily collapse and store the Upgrade Package along with the rest of your WaterRower. Only adds 5 inches to the storage footprint.

Everything included

Your Upgrade Package comes with a 17” touchscreen, wooden mounting arm, and connection bracket. Instructions included.

Customer Reviews

Based on 67 reviews
I have used my rower more in the past two weeks than the past 4 years!!

Purchased a Water Rower about 4 years ago with Smart Row, used it maybe 5 times. It sat and collected dust next to my bike which I preferred. Upgraded the rower with Ergatta upgrade , two weeks ago and have rowed everyday. I view the workouts as gamification, it keeps me engaged. The open row has outdoor videos to keep your mind occupied. My only regret is not getting this when I purchased the rower. Highly recommend getting this upgrade!!!

Jeremy Burkes
Great system keeps me engaged

Really enjoy the Ergatta WaterRower upgrade package, keeps me engaged and coming back.

Excellent interactive experience

Enjoy the many workout options; only wish there were more adventures in Free Rowing.

Hunter Allen

WaterRower Upgrade Package

The Upgrade Is As Good As They Say

Absolutely, totally changes the manner in which I use the WaterRower, and that's a good thing. Previously I'd used it about 8 to 10 times a month; now, it's just about every single day.

I LOVE the stats, ability to see my progress, frequently-added new programs, and the included music (that I stream to my AirPods). Also, the variety of types of programs and workouts is great. I'm one of this people who actively dislikes somebody yelling at me to push harder in my workouts, so the live trainers on the screen really don't do it for me. This is close to perfect.

The build quality is very good, and it adds only a tiny bit of additional volume to the unit when I stand it on end in our home gym, allowing others in my family to do their own thing.

I love it and can't wait to see what's coming in future updates!